Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Ziggy sat backstage with Axl Rose.

Ziggy and Rachel blurring on the couch.

Tents in a field.

Sunny Kendal Calling 2012.

Sadie tells Ziggy to shush the shush up!

Sadie and Ziggy.

Rachel loves having a laugh.

Rachel looks at a tent.

2 Rachels and 2 Ice Creams.

Rachel in Lyme Park.

Rachel and Feeney at Kendal Calling 2012.

Ziggy at my mums killing a leopard.

Ziggy's last day at Beverly Road.

Little Sade is in a mood.

Tents at Kendal Calling 2012.

Scaring Rachel with my hairiness.


H-Bomb in her schnazzy green shades.

Feeney at Kendal Calling 2012.

A Good Gorilla in Wales.

Lyme Park.

Sadie drunk eyes.

Getting told off for drinking beer in the AM in Wales.

My dog's got no face.

A dark English field somewhere in England. It's Lyme Park my friends.

Cards and photos on the kitchen door.

Beach, beach, Let's go to the beach. Carrie's 60th Birthday in Wales.


Alex tells Louise how big it was. Louise doesn't believe him.

Alex and Louise have had a drink.